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M Symone Media is a media consultancy and management firm servicing the Chicago/Chicagoland and Atlanta/Metro Atlanta areas. We focus on the development of small businesses and personal brands for people of color. We pride ourselves on strategic planning methods, which include purposeful tools in social media and grassroots marketing, visual and design concepts, and long-term stringent planning tools that are centered to effectively expand opportunities and visibility for our clients.
Our clients include small business owners, photographers, bloggers, authors, and non profit organizations. Our firm focuses on socially conscious branding practices that are specific and intentional in effectively reaching intended target markets and creating lasting clientele and customer bases and opportunities for the businesses of our clients.
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Social Media Marketing

Social media is an important part of effective marketing in this new world. You can strengthen your target audience, assess the needs of your customers and fan base, and remain an active participant in their needs thru community-forming platforms via social media.

Email Marketing

How are you keeping track of your customers if you have a special or sale for your business? Besides social media, what are you doing to reach the customers that are too busy to tap into facebook, twitter, or instagram to be privy to your time sensitive weekend-only deal? Curate your customers and fan base via an active email list that will keep them participating and privy to what your brand has going on.

Content Marketing

Content is king and says a lot about the type of brand identity you’d like to portray in your business. Your content must be aligned with your mission, your ideal customer’s interests, and the goals you’d like to achieve overall for your brand.

Brand Management

Social media, email, and overall content marketing, including events, summits, and other operatives that put you in the physical space to interact with your customers and future and current brand partnerships, let’s see if we mesh and work out the details of what we can do for your brand specifically.

Business Development Consultations

Regular consultations are good to keep you and your business focused and on track at all times. let’s chat on the various packages that can help to keep your brand in tip top shape comfortably.

Financial Consultations

Sometimes having another eye to look at our finances can help us to make more sound decisions as it pertains to the relationship we have with our money and our overall financial goals, both short and long term. Contact us to see how we can help you reach your financial goals.


Satisfied Clients


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Testimonial One
“Mallori’s expertise within the business world is remarkable. With her consulting, she makes sure that she reaches clients on a personal level in order for them to excel from a business standpoint. She’s very knowledgeable in what she does and has helped me to apply a better business approach to my upcoming business. I am now more confident to go into business since meeting with her for a consult. I will be working with her again.”
– L. Thomas, Business Consultancy Client

Testimonial Two
“For many years I’ve found myself in financial woes. I’ve always struggled with making don’t decisions when out came to saving, spending and good financial habits. However, i ignored the warning signs. I didn’t take my my financial future and success seriously. Just like cause and effect, I was in the negative many times. My pockets were always empty and I was deep in debt. Within the last 4 years I started to have some of the same issues. That’s when I decided to make the change. With the help of Miss Mallori Symone, I made a lifestyle change which in turn started me down the road to a healthier, financial life. Her assistance have me immediate results! She reshaped my mind about the relationship between myself and money. Then showed me all of my errors in how I lived my life through my finances. The results became me being able to save so much more than normal, have a better mindset about my spending habits and making better, stronger financial decisions. I strongly believe that without her guidance and wisdom i would still have the same issue and possibly worse. Thanks Mallori Symone!!”
-C. Hill, Financial Budgeting and Savings Consultancy Client

Testimonial Three
“I’ve been Mallori Symone’s client for almost 2 years now and she’s been there for me every step of the way. In my endeavor to bring awareness of Tourette Syndrome and deafness to more people. She has been so supportive and helpful . I would recommend her to anyone looking to expand their audience and grow their business!”
S. Jackson, Brand Development Client

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